By Bonny Ibhawoh,

On behalf of the Canadian Centres for Teaching Peace (CCTP) and the McMaster Centre for Peace Studies, we are pleased to announce this year’s 8th Annual Peace Education Conference in Canada focusing on the important theme of “bringing greater peace to our schools”. Within this context, we will also be exploring the role of “gender and sexuality” and “social, spiritual and emotional intelligence” in advancing our goals towards a universal culture of peace.

Continuing our tradition from past years, this conference will be an opportunity for those passionate about educating for peace to converge, connect and reflect upon our commitments to peace and justice in this world. The core conference, hosted at McMaster University, will begin in the evening on Thursday, November 12th and come to a close in the afternoon on Sunday, November 15th. Together, we will explore how we can infuse the mainstream school system with peace education and peaceful educators. Through engaging workshops, inspiring speakers and focused reflections, we will learn new ways of being and teaching that better serve ourselves and our fellow learners.


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