By Bonny Ibhawoh,

“We are dying. …. I’m talking to you and you are listening to me and you are seeing the videos and people are talking to you from inside, outside of Libya. But the action — there needs to be action. How much more waiting, how much more watching, how much more people dying?”

A heart wrenching appeal by an unidentified Libyan woman to the world to do something urgently about Gadhafi’s massacre of his people. This is genocide unfolding again before our very eyes.

I watched this on TV and my heart just sank. Are world leaders listening? How can anyone not be moved by the plight of this brave woman and the Libyan people?

When it happened in Auschwitz, we said we didn’t know it was happening.
When it happened in Cambodia we said we were shut out by the Khmer Rouge.
When it happened in Rwanda we said we underestimated the killings.
When it happened in Darfur, we said he weren’t sure the killings merited the label.
Now, a voice cries out from Libya that is happening again before our very eyes.
What will be our excuse this time?