One of the attractions of attending a conference in New Orleans is the opportunity to enjoy great jazz music. No stay in New Orleans iS complete without a walk down Bourbon Street to enjoy the live music of the bars, restaurants and sidewalks – Mardi Gras or no Mardi Gras. For me, New Orleans represents both reality and escape from reality. The stark poverty and deprivation of fringe neighbourhoods juxtaposed with the quiet elegance and mellow opulence of the French Quarter… and then, there is always the musical symbolism that permeates everything New Orleans. This is why the pain and devastation of Hurricane Katrina was very poignant for me and I sure many others. My fondest memories of New Orleans are from the Preservation Hall Jazz Band – an itinerant group of jazz musicians dating back to the 1960s. Here they are performing one of my favourites… a live rendition of their classic “Hindustan.” It is one for the ages. Enjoy!