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After nearly six months of tug of war between NATO-supported Libya rebels and the government forces, the situation in Libya changed dramatically this week as the rebels advanced into Libyan capital Tripoli with little resistance. Although the whereabouts of Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi is still unknown,the International society is starting to prepare for the post-Gadhafi era, as leaders from France and Britain are calling for a meeting next week to discuss a road map for Libya’s democracy. So is the Gadhafi regime already collapsed and who will take the leadership of the country? And how will the turmoil in Libya affect the whole African continent?
Ni hao, you’re listening to People In the Know, bringing you insights into the headline news in China and around the world, I’m Zheng Chenguang in Beijing. In today’s program, we are taking a look at the latest situation in Libya.
We are joined by Dr. He Wenping, Director of the African Studies Section at the Institute of West Asian and African Studies at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and Dr. Bonny Ibhawoh, Professor of African and Global History, Centre for Peace Studies at McMaster University in Canada.