Imperial Justice: Africans in Empire’s Court

By Bonny Ibhawoh,

After 5 years in the making “Imperial Justice” is finally out with Oxford University Press (UK). This book is not simply about imperial justice and the adjudication of Empire, it is about dealing with difference. How do individuals and societies construct, maintain and negotiate difference? How do we deal with those who look, think and act different from us? My hope is that the book will find an audience beyond academic readers.

I am encouraged by the comments of one early reader:

“I am really enjoying the book. It is not only fascinating but well written!  You’ve done a wonderful job of organizing piles of detailed information into a coherent structure that still has all the human drama that leads the reader through. I don’t often describe scholarly books as ‘page turners’ but this one is.” – Ruth Pincoe, Editorial Consultant